How much is your health worth?

  • People are spending billions of dollars each year to stay healthy and feel younger.
  • Despite high-tech medical advances, society is experiencing an alarming decline in health.
  • Unprecedented exposure to chemical contaminants, pollution, toxic products and stress has increased unhealthy conditions, from arthritis and cancer to heart disease, and even the symptoms of aging.
  • You can learn how to protect yourself from the forces that can damage your body and wear down your immune system.
  • Most everyday household products have cancer causing chemicals.
  • All homes have chemicals from what is known as “OUTGASSING”.
  • Outgassing is cancer causing molecules which are air borne every minute of every day in your home.
  • These gases come from your carpet, paint, furniture, glues, plastics, glass, metals, and almost all manmade products in your home.
  • These molecules cause cancer, arthritis, liver damage, HDD, mental illnesses, eye damaged, dry skin, infections, and much more.