A proper air conditioning installation takes many procedures to be performed correctly to have the air conditioning system last and stand the test of time. Below are just a few procedures needed to have a quality installation:

  • Nitrogen must be ran through the Freon tubing at 2 PSI to keep copper oxide from forming inside of the Freon tubing.
  • All solders must be pressure tested with nitrogen to 200 PSI.
  • A vacuum pump must be used to remove all moisture and contaminates. A vacuum must be pulled down to at least 300 microns.
  • When the air conditioning system is filled with refrigerant, the sub-cooling temperature of the liquid line must be calculated to achieve the proper refrigerant levels.
  • The air conditioning unit must be leveled and strapped to the pad.
  • All of the electrical connections must be tight and the proper breaker size, fuse-box size, wire size, and fuse size must be used.
  • A matching air conditioning coil must be used.
  • The proper C.F.M., or Cubic Feet per Minute fan speed on the blower must be set.

These procedures will help keep your new air conditioning system running at peak performance and give you years of trouble-free comfort.

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